Electric vehicle wiring harness

Electric vehicle wiring harness

Electric wire electric circuit is the network main body, and there is no electric circuit without a harness.Wire as it is to point to by copper rushed contact terminals (connector) and wire and cable, pressure plastic pressure insulator again or plus metal outside shell, etc., in wire bale form connected components of the circuit.Shenzhen industrial co., LTD. To provide electric vehicle wiring harness production and processing, can do:
1. Electric vehicle wiring harness products 100% test pass;
2. The wire is passed UL, VDE, CCC, JIS certification standards;
3. According to the customer's requirements, the connector is to use TYCO (TYCO connector), MOLEX brand;
4. Meet ROHS requirements;
5. According to the customer's requirements for packaging;
6. Can track;
7. Strict quality control to ensure the quality of the products.

are not the same.Ordinary household electric wires are ChanRui copper wire, there is a certain hardness.Electric wire are copper core more soft lines, some fine soft wire such as hair, several or even dozens of annealed copper wire wrapped in plastic insulation tube (PVC), soft and not easy to break. 
Due to the particularity of electric car industry, the electric vehicle wiring harness manufacturing process is better than other ordinary wire.

Electric vehicle wiring harness commonly used specifications of wire nominal cross-sectional area 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 4.0, 6.0 mm2 wire, such as each are allowed to load current value, and for different power wire of electrical equipment.In the case of the vehicle wiring harness, line 0.5 specification applies to the instrument lights, lights, door lights, dome light, etc.;Before and after 0.75 specifications apply to the license plate lamp, little lamp, brake lamp, etc;1.0 specifications line is suitable for the lights, fog lamps, etc.;1.5 specifications line is suitable for the headlamps, horn, etc.;Lord, take the power cord such as generator armature wire for 2.5 to 4 mm2 wires.This only refers to the general electric vehicle, the key depends on the load of the maximum current value, such as battery by iron wire, the positive power cord is a special electric wire used alone, both wire diameter is larger, there are at least ten square millimeter above, these "big MAC" wire will not be codified in the main beam.
In front of the permutation wiring harness prior to map wiring harness, wiring harness diagram and circuit principle diagram is not the same.Circuit principle diagram is describe the various electrical part of the relationship between the image, it does not reflect the electrical parts how to connect with each other, not affected by the size of the various electrical components shape, and the influence of the distance between them.And wiring harness plan must consider the size of the various electrical components shape and the distance between them, also want to reflect the electrical parts is how to connect to each other.

Wiring harness factory technicians according to the wiring harness diagram to make wire line after line board, workers in accordance with the regulations of the discharge line board to cutting line line line.Vehicle main beam generally divided into engine, power generation, and start (ignition, ems), instrumentation, lighting, air conditioning, auxiliary appliance parts, such as a branch of main beam and wire harness.More than a vehicle main beam has branch wire harness, like tree trunk and branches.Vehicle main beam often dashboard as the core part, and extend.Because length relationship or assembly is convenient wait for a reason, some of the electric wire is divided into car wiring harness, including instrumentation, air conditioning, battery, engine, before the light assembly), the rear of the wiring harness (taillight assemblies, license plate lamp, trunk lamp), tent, wiring harness, dome light, speakers (door), etc.Wire on each end will sign on Numbers and letters, to indicate the wire connection object, the operator can see mark properly connected to the corresponding wiring and electrical device, which is especially useful when repair or replace the wiring harness.At the same time, the color of the wire can be divided into monochrome lines and double color lines, color also has a regulation, the purpose of the general is defined standards.Industry standard in China was the main color, such as regulations, dedicated to a single black iron wire, red solid color used for the power cord, do not confuse.

XianShuYong woven wire or plastic adhesive tape package, for security, processing and convenient maintenance, woven wire packages have been eliminated, it is with plastic adhesive tape.Between the wire and wire harness, wire harness and the connection between the electrical parts, using plug-in or line ear.Plug-in made from plastic, a plug and socket.Between the wire and wire harness with united into the plug-in, the connection between the wire and the electric parts with al plug-in or ears.