About Us

NSN micro electric (Hong Kong) co., LTD., founded in January 2000, the company specializing in the production of electric switch with ODM and OEM and other forms of electronic connecting cables, and loaded with SMD package, is a high quality manufacturing services provider;
NSN micro electric company system, including the electric switch, electronic connecting cables, and SMD packaging with international manufacturers, NSN micro electricity to provide service to many industries, a description, business communications, household appliances, medical equipment, personal care tools, electric tools, industrial equipment and electronic components loading system, etc.
Grasps "always think more for the customer" the management idea, NSN micro electric staff is to become a consumer electronics, communication, automobile industry precision components to provide technical, service and manufacturing in the field of specialized suppliers vision of hard work.

Our values
Strictly adhere to the integrity, honest business ethics
Excellent quality, value and service to meet customer demand
Sustainable development, providing substantial returns for shareholders
Respect the social and natural environment
Respect employees value, reach their potential, encourage creative and leadership
A business model become a revered
Corporate mission
Become the most innovative enterprises and in the service of become a well-respected supplier in the market.

NSN micro electric principle of sustainable development strategy:
In environmental, social and economic value unified architecture, to meet customer needs and the pursuit of business success;
Business success: sustainable development for our customers to provide unique solutions, build a stable customer relationship;

Environmental protection: to ourselves and provide practical and effective product and solution, meet the needs of the environment;
Social responsibility: to promote shareholder participation and measures to improve;NSN sustainability of the micro electric performance.